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Why use a site like Top Savings Account?

Our website helps find the best savings accounts available to your individual needs. Our comparison service covers the whole savings account market which means that our results are guaranteed to show much better interest rates than those offered on the high street.

Our website will provide you with a selection of savings accounts with differing interest rates and length of terms depending on your savings goals.

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The benefits of our chosen Savings Accounts

  • Greater returns than your high street
  • Invest in different sectors and industries
  • Savings accounts with upto 7.50% yearly returns
  • Flexible and fixed terms
  • Transfer from an existing savings account
  • Tailored to you the individual
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How you can beat the high street savings account Below is an example of one of our top savings account and how it could work for you, based on a 3 year term and 7.50% return.

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